®Aim High!®, Inc.

Arvada Colorado Wireless

If you currently have wireless capabilities on your computer you can do a brief test to see if you can use our service (if this doesn't work and you still think you are in the service area, contact us below.)
We have two locations in the West Arvada area, point your antenna or adjust your computer to point toward Ralston Reservoir dam or toward the intersection of Fig (Indiana) and 64th. If you can see www.arvadawireless.com as one of the networks, you will be able to utilize our services. Please contact us at support@aimhigh.com.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is your basic service?
$24.95 per month (call or write for specials we may be having). This includes your own domain name, one email address and five email forwarders. Less than DSL.

Where do you offer service?
We currently have two access points in West Arvada west of Highway 93 at 80th and at Fig (Indiana) and 64th. There are also access points in Olde Town, Arvada, and at the Centre Pointe condominimums (4600 E. Asbury Circle) in Denver. Service reaches north of 64th Avenue and west of Ward Road, or within 3/4 to 1 mile of Olde Town. Services in Denver reach within 1/4 mile of Centre Pointe.

Do I have an additional charge to the phone company for service?
No, the equipment that you purchase or lease from us (or that you already have) provides your connection or "loop". No other organization is involved in transmitting your internet service to our facilities.

What is the speed of connection?
We are providing 1 MB (equivalent to mid-range DSL).

Can I get a faster connection?
At this time most connections WILL be faster than the minimums listed. We can also provide faster guaranteed connections. Pricing depends on your requested speed once installed at the base speed.

How many computers can I hook up to this link?
As many as you like, as long as they are all located in your personal residence. You will need to provide us with the number of computers you wish to connect so that we can provide connections at this end. Keep in mind that every machine will be sharing the bandwidth that you request. You may need to up your minimum fastest connection speed. Businesses can connect multiple computers as well, please call for pricing.

I need to use a VPN for work. Does this service work with a VPN?
Yes, you will need a simple router to complete the connection. We can work with you and your office IT department to insure this is working properly.

My neighbor next door (across the street, down the block, etc.) wants a connection, since this is wireless, can I just send a signal to them?
No. Your contracted services is for one household or small business at one address. You neighbor should call +1.303.271.1288 and mention that you referred them. We can provide them with direct service and you with a referral discount on your service!

Our homeowners association won't allow anything on the outside of our house. How can I get service without an external antenna?
The Federal Communications Commission has indicated that, under Federal Law, these types of connections must be allowed. Let us know if this seems to be an issue in your area and we will contact your association or management company.

What is the one-time cost for the antenna?
That will depend on your location and the equipment you currently have. We will work with your to provide the most cost effective solution for your needs. In the long run, you will pay less than cable or DSL for your service.